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IS-ACTIVE project's nomination for AAL Forum Award 
The AAL Forum Award is intended to recognize the most promising project of the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme that demonstrates great promise in terms of innovation, human-centric approaches to development and market potential.

IS-ACTIVE project was selected as one of the four finalists for this award. The project presentation of the finalists projects were given on Monday, 26 Sep 2011.

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PS meets with representative of Computer Engineering Department of Bogazici University  
On 26 Sep, PS deligation met with networking research group of the university of Bogazici University to discuss possible collaborations in terms of education and research.

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SeaSTAR project appears in the UT news 
On 22 Sep, UT news publishes an article about the SeaSTAR project. In this article, the three Phd students working on the project are interviewed. SeaSTAR project is a STW funded project, which aims to develop core technologies for underwater monitoring platforms based on wireless sensor network technology and to build the first working demonstrator.

Full interview (in Dutch) can be found at:
http://www.utnieuws.nl/achtergrond/draa ... lige-haven

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Presentation during Open Dag of University of Twente 
On 17 Sep 2011 and on the occasion of Open Dag of University of Twente, Paul Havinga gave a presentation entitled “Smart Dust technologies”, in which he gave an overview of the research performed about Smart Dust for an audience with a broad background and interest.

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Kick off meeting of the Wibrate project 
On 13 and 14 September 2011, the Pervasive Systems group hosted the kick-off meeting of the EU WiBRATE (Wireless Self-powered Vibration Monitoring and Control for Complex Industrial Systems) project. In this meeting, each partner presented itself and its plans for the project and for cooperation in the coming months. Also, four case studies were presented and requirements for each of them were discussed.

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