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Successful exhibition of SenSafety during the COMMIT mid-term event 
On 1 and 2 October 2014 the SenSafety project showed several demos during the COMMIT mid-term event “The big future of data”. The event attracted hundreds of people, and many visited our booths. On the booth we showed the overall concept of SenSafety, and in particular we demonstrated the first version of the iLP (intelligent Lamp Post), ad-hoc communication with and between drones, crowd monitoring using camera’s and WiFi, and complex event detection. On the photo the proud crew that took care of the exhibition is shown.

At a separate SenSafety booth Okan Turkes and Wouter van Kleunen demonstrated the possibilities of modern smart phones for public safety. Okan demonstrated an opportunistic network of smart phones using an extremely lightweight ad hoc communication protocol, called Cocoon. Using this network emergency messages can be communicated without the use of any internet connection. Wouter demonstrated an indoor positioning system that was able to track all smart phones of the visitors of the exhibition. Despite the very harsh exhibition environment and the large number of visitors, the system performed well and could position visitors in a few meter meters accurately. The system showed to be highly useful as crowd monitoring tool, exactly showing which parts of the exhibition area were crowded.

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