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Kick-off meeting of Sunrise project 
On 31 Oct 2013, Sunrise project held its kick-off meeting in Rome. The SUNRISE project objectives are to develop (i) federated underwater communication networks, based on pilot infrastructure already designed, built and deployed by consortium partners, in diverse environments (Mediterranean, Ocean, Black Sea, Lakes, Canals), web-accessible and interfaced with existing FIRE facilities to experiment with Future Internet technologies, (ii) a software-defined open-architecture modem and protocol stack that will empower open collaborative developments, (iii) standard platforms for simulation, emulation and replay testing to estimate underwater communication networks at a fraction of time, cost, complexity of current at-sea experiments, validated by tests conducted on the SUNRISE networks over a variety of applications and environments, and (iv) a user-friendly interface for diverse users to interact with SUNRISE systems to conduct trials and benefit from databases of underwater Internet of Things performance data gathered over long periods from the SUNRISE infrastructure.

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