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SeaSTAR project begins 
The STW SeaSTAR (Underwater Monitoring Platform) project aims at gathering experts from traditionally disjoint communities (sensor technology, IC design, power conversion, computer architecture, wireless sensor network protocols design, underwater telemetry and distributed processing) to investigate, define, and develop core technologies for underwater monitoring platforms and to build the first working demonstrator.

Major objectives of the projects are:

- To advance wireless sensor network technology driven by the particular needs of underwater monitoring and to carry out case studies that show the effectiveness and usability of our architecture.

- To advance the development of low-power acoustic vector sensors for underwater deployment that can be used both for passive monitoring acoustic signals and vibrations; as well as active communication receiver.

- To develop power efficient transducer drivers for underwater wireless communication.

- To develop and recommend an architecture for a network of sensors, with a focus on collaborative beamforming and hybrid underwater networking protocols, so as to provide a flexible platform to support underwater monitoring applications.

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