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Public debate on human factors related to sustainability 
On Monday May 7, 2012, Paul Havinga and Peter-Paul Verbeek had a public debate on human factors related to sustainability. Peter-Paul, professor of philosophy of technology at the Department of Philosophy, University of Twente, Enschede, argued that technology is useless if the human factors in relation to the use of technology are not considered carefully. He mentioned that real sustainability can only be achieved by trying to influence people’s behavior. Paul Havinga on the other hand argued that people’s behavior can hardly be changed, and that the main motivation of people to address sustainability is money related. Technology can play a crucial role in achieving a better sustainability. Paul gave some example of research projects that address the possibilities of using technology to increase sustainability at home (the GoGreen project), and in public buildings (the iCare project).

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Go-Green project meeting 
Go-Green project meeting took place on 5 April 2012 at University of Twente. In this meeting, partners presented their work and project progress and plans for setting up a test-bed were discussed.

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More CLAM news 
Recent underwater experiments of the CLAM project in the diving center attracted much media attention. In these experiments, CLAM’s newly designed and developed underwater sensor node was tested.

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GENESI meeting in Zurich 
On 18-19 April, GENESI meeting took place in Zurich. One of the highlights of this meeting was the visit to the La Poya bridge, which is one of the deployment sites of the project.

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Presentation to a delegation of the municipality of Enschede 
On 12 April 2012, Paul Havinga gave a seminar of the Pervasive Systems research topics for a delegation of the municipality of Enschede. In particular they were interested in our projects related to smart cities, in which applications related to public safety and environmental monitoring were highest appreciated.

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