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Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
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Evolutionary Implementation of Groupware

A Business Information Technology Engineering (BITE 2000) project

Chair of Information Systems
Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
Mathematics and Computer Science

University of Twente
Chair of Human Resource Management
School of Business,
Public Administration and Technology

University of Twente


Fall 1999 - Spring 2005


With groupware, more than other computer systems, system usage is something that has to develop and evolve. The nature of the work to be supported by the system, viz., cooperation in a group of users, is hard to formally analyse and, more over, may change as a result of introducing the system. An evolutionary approach to groupware implementation is called for.

In our view, an implementation process can be regarded as a learning process. Learning takes place at different levels, ranging from individual learning to organisational learning. Specific for groupware implementation processes is that there is an intermediate level of collaborative on-the-job team learning.

In this project we want to explore the theoretical foundations and the practical implications of evolutionary implementation as a learning process.
Two sub-questions, to be addressed in two Ph.D. research projects are

  1. How do organisations and teams adapt to the implementation of groupware? Which factors determine how group processes are affected?
  2. Ho do the user requirements change in an evolutionary process? How should a system adapt to evolving requirements?
In order to increase our understanding of these issues, we carry out action research in case studies in groupware implementation projects.


The following persons participate in the project
T. Bondarouk M.Sc. (Tatyana) - Technology and Management, HRM group
prof.dr. J.C. Looise (Jan-Kees) - Technology and Management, HRM group
D.T. Pumareja M.Sc. (Dulce) - Computer Science, IS group
dr. N. Sikkel (Klaas) - Computer Science, IS group
prof.dr. R.J. Wieringa (Roel) - Computer Science, IS group


  • In collaboration with the Telematica Instituut in Enschede we organized a one-day workshop " Learning Groups " at the European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW 2001) in Bonn, 16–20 September 2001.

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