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You can see and hear me speak about one of my projects here (Not only is it Dutch, it's 30MB big too!). 

Curriculum Vitae


I have two part-time jobs, one as a professor of Computer Science in Twente, the other as a member of technical staff at the Computing Sciences Research Center of Lucent Technologies' Bell Laboratories.  To read about me at Bell Labs, look here.  To learn about me in Twente, read on.

I'm a Professor in the Huygens Laboratory for Systems Research in the Faculty of Computer Science. The department specificly teaches computer organization, operating systems, distributed systems, design of digital circuitry. It is also involved in teaching the general undergraduate curriculum.


I teach two courses:
Distributed Systems (aka Gedistribueerde Operating Systemen, GOS) and
Secure Systems Engineering (SSE).

Students: take a look at this information about `afstudeerprojecten' (Master's Thesis projects).


I lead the Huygens project.

The Huygens Project

The Huygens Project is about developing operating-system architectures that support the following three themes: Our research is experimental in nature: we build prototypes to test and measure our architectural ideas. Currently, prototype systems are built in two important application areas: tele-working and tele-teaching. Tele-working applications will support working at home or in satellite offices by providing unrestricted, but secure access to the information infrastructure at work and high-quality interaction with colleagues elsewhere. Tele-teaching applications will connect classrooms to each other, or students at home to classrooms, using techniques similar to those in tele-working. The Huygens project is and has been supported by a number of collaborative projects: Pegasus, Esprit BRA 6586, 1992--1995, and Esprit LTR 21917, 1996-1999; Broadcast, Esprit BRA 6360, 1992--1995; CaberNet, Esprit NoE 6361, 1992--1998; Moby Dick, Esprit LTR, 1995--1996; ACUTE: An ATM trail between CWI and UTwente within the framework of the SURFnet4 ATM pilot project; Xerox Europarc, 1992--1996, Amis, a Dutch NWO project. The tele-working experiments are being supported by Stichting de Veur, a foundation that encourages innovative, serendipitous applications of IT; the tele-teaching experiments are being conducted in close collaboration with the University of Delft Institute for Telematics Systems Engineering. 


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I wrote two columns for UT Nieuws (in Dutch). Their titles are Hoe Veilig is die Chipkaart? and Het anonieme Internet 

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