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Dick (T.M.J.) Meijer, Zilverling 3035, University of Twente (NL), tel. (++31 53489)3382
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Office hours Dick Meijer

Mondays 13.00-14.00 and Thursdays 14.00-15.00 Bantaba Brikama

Note that Darboe (in the Student Association room on Brikama campus) can print the readers, used in the readers Prob and Stats I and Applied Statistics (see below and on flash drives during lectures for soft copies). SPSS-program is only available on flash drives.

Documents Course Applied Statistics at UTG-2018

Content Applied Statistics: parts 1, 2 and 3

Part 1: review Probablity Theory, Reader Probability Theory under course P+S I

Part 2: Mathematical Statistics with Applications

Part 3: Linear regression and Analysis of Variance (not available yet)

Solutions exercises applied statistics

Part 1:

Solutions Exercises Probability Theory part 1

Part 2: reader "Mathematical Statistics with applications"

Solutions Exercises Chapter 1 (part 2)

Solutions Exercises Chapter 2

Solutions Exercises Chapter 3

Solutions Chapter 4

Assignments and solutions

Assignment 1 Applied Statistics with solutions

Assignment 2 Applied Statistics with solutions


Linear regression NOx

Waiting times and Test scores

Tests and results

Sample intermediate test Chapters 2-4 Applied Statistics (real test planned on 29-4-2018)

Documents Course Calculus I at UTG-2018

Basic Math and Function (cf Stewart Ch 1)

limits (cf Stewart Ch 2)

Differentiation(cf Stewart Ch 3 and 4)

Assignments and solutions

Assignment 1 Calculus I with solutions

Assignment 2 Calculus I with solutions

Tests and results

Trial test (intermediate test on functions and limits).

Solutions Trial test April 2018. (Real test on 29/4, 14.30 Hall-Brikama)

Documents Course Probability and Statistics I at UTG-2018

Reader Probability Theory

Extension Prob Ch 7 (joint continuous distributions)

Exercises ext Ch 7

Answers exercises extension Ch 7

Slides chapters 1-8

Slides Probability Theory Chapter 1

Slides Probability Theory Chapter 2

Slides Probability Theory Chapter 3

Slides Probability Theory Chapter 4

Slides Probability Theory Chapter 5

Slides Probability Theory Chapter 6

Slides Probability Theory Chapter 7

Slides Probability Theory Chapter 8

Solutions to exercises

Full solutions chapter 1

Full solutions chapter 2

Full solutions chapter 3

Full solutions chapter 4

Full solutions chapter 5

Study Aids

Study aid 1: discrete distributions

Study aid 2: properties E(X), var(X), cov(X,Y)

Study aid 3: continuous distributions

Assignments and solutions

Assignment 1 Probability and Statistics I with solutions

Assignment 2 P&S I with solutions

Tests and results

Trial (partial) test with solutions: Chapter 1-5: test on April 22, SJ, 14.30

(partial) test with solutions: Chapters 1-5, April 22, SJ, 14.30