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»Please note that you need a subscription to IEEE to download some of the papers. Since the University of Twente has an institutional subscription, these papers can be downloaded if your computer is within the UT network.

Nr. Topic Introductory Article Assigned to Supervisor
1 Delay-tolerant networking A. Lindgren, K.S. Phanse, "Evaluation of Queueing Policies and Forwarding Strategies for Routing in Intermittently Connected Networks", Proc of 1st International Conference on Communication Systems Software & Middleware, New Delhi, 2006.
Eva van den Eijden

Ruben van den Berg
Geert Heijenk
2 Broadcasting in Vehicular Networks O. Tonguz, N. Wisitpongphan, F. Bai, "DV-CAST: A Distributed Vehicular Broadcast Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks", IEEE Wireless Communications, Volume 17, Issue 2, April 2010. Dzul Dzulquarnain

Bas ten Have
Geert Heijenk
3 MAC Quality of Service T.B. Reddy, J.P. John, C.S.R. Murthy "Providing MAC QoS for multimedia traffic in 802.11e based multi-hop ad hoc wireless networks", Computer Networks, Volume 51, Issue 1, January 2007. Dennis van der Zwet

Hans van den Berg
4 TCP over ad-hoc networks K. Sundaresan, V. Anantharaman, H. Y. Hsieh, R. Sivakumar, "ATP: A reliable transport protocol for ad hoc networks", IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Vol. 4, No. 6, Nov./Dec. 2005.
Akhyar Sadad
Hans van den Berg
5 (fka 7) Geocasting Y.B. Ko, N.H. Vaidya, "Flooding-Based Geocasting Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks", Mobile Networks and Applications, Volume 7, Issue 6, Springer, December 2002. Stefan Tersteeg
Geert Heijenk
6 (fka 8) Network coding S. Katti, H. Rahul, Wenjun Hu, D. Katabi, M. Medard, J. Crowcroft, "XORs in the Air: Practical Wireless Network Coding", IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Vol.16, No.3, June 2008. Tom Hartman

Silke Hofstra
Geert Heijenk
Mitra Baratchi
7 (fka 5) Power control Jeffrey P. Monksy, Jean-Pierre Ebertz, Adam Woliszz, and Wen-mei W. Hwuy, "A Study of the Energy Saving and Capacity Improvement Potential of Power Control in Multi-hop Wireless Networks", Proc. of 26th Annual IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN) and Workshop on Wireless Local Networks (WLN), November 2001, Tampa (FL), USA. Carlos Sempere

Koen Zandberg
Hans van den Berg
8 (fka 6) LTE device-to-device communication
X. Lin, J. G. Andrews, A. Ghosh, R. Ratasuk, "An Overview of 3GPP Device-to-Device Proximity Services", IEEE Communications Magazine, April 2014. Diego Siles

Santosh Sharman
Hans van den Berg

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