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I work for the IS vakgroep as a software engineer. My task is to realize large experimental software systems. Projects I've worked on so far are:

  • PRISMA, a large parallel database machine. For this project I designed an XRA (relational algebra language) data structure and parser, a query optimizer and a Datalog like language called PRISMAlog. In the final stages of the project I helped optimizing the data managers and the result was for that moment one of the fastest database machines built.
  • OODM, the Object Oriented Data Models project. For this project I designed a typechecker for the language TM. In a later stage of the project after ideas about implementing the language had ripened I designed an interpreter for the language and implemented it. This interpreter is called the TAM (Tm Abstract Machine).
  • IMPRESS, For this project I created a graphical Database Design Tool for the TM language. This (case)tool is used to specify databases in TM in a user friendly graphical way. Even expressions are specified graphically.
  • MAGNUM. I'm am currently working in a project to translate an NF2 kind of language to a BAT (binary) algebra. This project is my first JAVA experience.
  • IMPACT, this project has not been started yet, but it is a research project on high performance parallel transaction models.
  • A Software Artist ?


    Jan Flokstra .
    Room: INF 3015
    Phone: +31 53 4893721
    E-mail: flokstra@cs.utwente.nl