WG6.6/CNOM Reports

Manweek 2008
IM 2009
Manweek 2009
NOMS 2010
CNSM 2010
IM 2011
CNSM 2011
NOMS 2012
CNMS 2012
IM 2013


28-30 August 2013
Chemnitz, Germany

CNSM 2013

14-18 October 2013
Zurich, Switzerland

TMA 2014

14 April 2014
London, UK

NOMS 2014

5-9 May 2014
Krakow, Poland

AIMS 2014

20 June - 3 July 2014
Brno, Czech Republic



  • To facilitate cooperation between different organizations and individuals internationally in the areas of distributed operations and management, integrated network management, systems management, and service engineering. To be an effective conduit in the technology transfer between the academic and research communities, industry and the standard bodies.


  • Our planet is increasingly being networked using a variety of media, a variety of protocols and a variety of services. On the other hand, computers are becoming increasingly pervasive in a variety of forms and architectures ranging from large scale high performance systems to micro computers in any type of appliances, cars, etc. The scope of WG 6.6 is Operations and Management paradigms and technologies for these novel and complex systems and networks continuously evolving over different levels of abstraction such as element, network, service, and business level. The Operations and Management encompass different function areas such as configuration, fault, accounting, performance and security. This includes new technologies such as autonomic computing, distributed and policy based management as well as already established management protocols and information models. The scope of the working group encompass the operation and management of existing networked systems including enterprise networks and multi-provider networks as well as emerging ad-hoc and sensor networks, Grids, peer-to-peer networks and interplanetary networks.